Thursday, July 9, 2009

tootin' Tammy's horn

Okay, two posts in one day for Tammy is unheard of...I know! BUT since I know that she won't toot her own horn, I will do it for her!
Tammy recently planned the party for the whole RCW warehouse! It was for 600 peeps, and she did an UH-mazing job! She had everything planned out, every situation covered. I wondered why she worked for RCW, and wasn't a party planner. Tammy made it so fun for everyone, the food was delish, and it went off without a hitch...all because of Tammy!!!

Our girls are so freakin' cute, huh?!

my friend.

Hi, it's Von! Yes, I have hacked into Tammy's blog to update for her. I figure it is kosher since I did create this blog for her.
I wanted to tell Tammy...thank you from the bottom of my lil' heart! If you didn't know she is pretty much the BOMB {dot} com! Tammy has supported me in all my adventures, has been my cube mate, sounding board, babysitter, and the list is really endless.
I recently invited Tammy to a "tweet up". Even though this might be completely out of her comfort zone...she came! I love her for this.
I am so excited for her to come to the Mom's Who Make It Conference, and be my "wing-woman"! She deserves a day where it is all about her...she works hard, and raises Kenzie all by herself.

I love you Tam!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

"My First Winner"

Guess What? Guess What?
I am finally getting around to posting my winner's name on my first giveaway!!
So sorry that it took me so long to do it, but here she is:
Emilie B

Burkes said...
I think that Alice needs one of these in her bedroom. I like the dream one and the baby one.
June 5, 2009 11:35 PM
So Emilie, let me know which one of the frames that you would like and your address so I can send it to you-
Thanks to everyone that entered this past week!
Watch for next weeks giveaway!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"New Project"

So this is one of my new projects... I saw this zebra and leopard paper that is velvet and just had to do something with it. I love the other papers too but the velvet has been the best seller. I will take pictures of the next ones and post when the paint dries!

I love the texture and of course you can't have to much BLING right?

So do you want to win one of the Zebra frames??? Post a comment and you will be entered into my drawing to be held on June 11, 2009 @ midnight. The frames are 8X8 and the picture opening is 3.5X3.5 and there is not any glass so if it tips over there's no worry. You can have it say Princess, Fabulous, My Girl or Precious and tell me what color you might like the flower to be and if you win it's all yours!

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Memories of my Grandmother"

My Grandmother never told me herself that she wanted me to speak at her funeral and maybe that's because she never wanted to die. I however was honored but completely frightened to do this, mostly due to my fear of public speaking and that I wasn't sure what to write. The following is my talk for her funeral, working best under pressure, I wrote this on Saturday night, March 28th, her funeral was on Monday the 30th.

As the oldest grandchild, I was always aware of her love for the Lord and her faith in the Church. She attended her meetings and fulfilled her callings with love, dignity and strength and lots of organization. I believe she thought she would out live us all. She had things to do and her lists were very important. On her list these last few years were her family history and genealogy work. She had boxes and boxes of pictures, some without names or dates on the back of them and lots of memorabilia. My sister, Julie, or "Jewel Babes" as grandma called her, spent most all of her Friday's at my grandmother's side telling her who was in the photos, what they were wearing, where they were standing and anything else that might spark her memory. She would tell Julie who they were and any story that might go along with the photo. Some days lots of stories were told and not much scrapbooking was done.

Austin, or "Tex" as grandpa calls him, and Amanda-panda would occupy their time in the yard picking up the hundreds of pinecones or just playing around til mom was done. Grandma looked forward to Fridays and her outings in the "Big Jeep" just to get more copies printed off or to go to the store for groceries. As we were recalling memories of grandma we laughed about the time we all went to the movie "Staying Alive" and how grandma danced in the aisle when it was over. How she would go school clothes shopping with us and stand and fold the clothes on the tables at ZCMI and the sales ladies would say "oh Dorothy, that's our job to fold!" She really liked everything in its place no matter where she was.

Grandma always enjoyed the great-grandchildren and loved their visits. She always looked forward to the visits from "Mac" as Grandpa Johnson calls her, she was always just Kenzie to grandma, she would always ask about her school and piano, tumbling or any other activity Kenzie was doing at the time. She let them play in the yard and check for chocolates in the fridge without asking grandpa, which was quite different from when I was young, we always had to ask grandpa for chocolates. She loved to see us grandkids but when you came to visit you came to visit not play. She wanted us to be respectful and listen while the grownups talked. I believe we all learned an important lesson in this, respect your parents and those around you.

I have wonderful memories of the times spent with grandma and grandpa. I was "Tammy Two Shoes", a nick name that I gave myself at a very young age, but one that always stuck. I was the first grandchild to go to the ballet with them and it was very big deal. Getting dressed up in Sunday best on Saturday afternoon, going to the ballet and to Lamb's Restaurant for dinner. My favorite ballets were Swan Lake and the Nutcracker and grandma and I were able to enjoy these together for many years. It was important to my grandparents to share their love of the cultural arts with us. There were trips to the zoo where grandma would make sure that we listened as grandpa quietly read the information to us about each animal. There was always classical music playing in their home and lots and lots of interesting books. We have learned many valuable lessons for them both.

Grandma loved fine and expensive things, "she deserved them" she said. She taught us how to make Army corners on a bed with freshly dried sheets. Her "peetie pie", my mom, told us how grandma made them iron their sheets when she was young, I am so glad that she didn't make me do that. She taught me how to set a "picture perfect" dining table for any occasion with all of the fine china, hand polished silver, folded napkins and stemware. I think I might have been 10 years old at the time. The next Christmas I got my first gourmet kitchen gadgets and they are still treasured things in my kitchen. Now as I plan a party or celebration I have her to thank for the lessons learned and everything always turns out beautiful.

Grandma was very generous, she had the free yard sales and when I got my first apartment she let me shop from her food storage, complete with paper sacks. She was extremely organized and had lists of things to do always on the refrigerator. I'm not sure if she kept a journal but I loved seeing her writing on these papers. They contained appointments, groceries, flowers to buy for the yard, donations, birthdays and anniversaries, cleaning projects, people to call and many other things.

She loved to be in her home and took great pride in all that it entailed. I have always loved pulling into Wander Circle and gazing with awe at my grandparents home on the hill. It is beautiful in any season, my favorite of course is spring with the daffodils in bloom and my great-grandfather's peonies and bleeding-hearts in the rock garden. I love that my daughter looks with the same awe that I have when we come to grandma's house. My mom continues with the gardening and it thrills me to know that this home will always be in our family.

She loved the holidays, especially Christmas, she took me to the lights on ceremony at the Festival of Trees, it was invitation only and I thought we were pretty special. She bought her tree from there for many years because it went to a great cause. Although it has been many years since she last had a Christmas tree, she still had Julie come and decorate for her and grandpa. She loved buying gifts for us and putting lots of thought into each one including the sometimes odd gifts she would pick out for Bret, Dick and her David-Boy. We knew she gave the 72-Hour kits, shovels included, with the best of intentions and lots of love. She wanted us to have order while opening presents and start with the oldest to the youngest and have each one of us open our gift so everyone could see and then move on to the next person and if any of you know our family at Christmas time, it's pretty much a free for all, she would finally give up and laugh and say "well I guess that won't work, let's get on with it!" It was nice to have them join us for Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving and to again set the perfect table for our honored guests.

She loved the gospel and her Heavenly Father and all of her neighboors and the ward members. She spoke often of her visiting teaching partner and wonderful friend Wanda. She had a special place in her heart for the Bishops and their loving wife's and those of you who took them to church in the past years. Our family loves you and thanks you all for the love, concern and care that many of you provided during the difficult times, she loved your visits both at home and at the care center.

As we move forward, I know that grandma is with us and that she cherished the time she had with us and that she will watch over us. She is rejoicing with her parents and loved ones, making new lists of things to accomplish and patiently waiting for our return. We will miss her and "our tears overflow from hearts that are full."

We love you grandma...........

Thursday, January 1, 2009

" A New Year"

CLUTTER vb: to throw into disorder: fill or cover with scattered things

I am done! I am done with clutter! I want to put my life back together and my home with it. How did I let things get this way? Sometimes it is so overwhelming I just can't even look at all the clutter, so it goes in a drawer or closet and I always think that I will go through it later and later comes and goes. It's really not as bad as I am making it sound but I have piles that just get moved around to different spots and never really cleaned up. Well that's it! I am done. This has got to stop! I am the only one that can do this for me. I can't teach my daughter to do the same thing because it affects our daily life to much to have things in disarray. I am going to re-train myself to not collect these terrible piles I need to just put it away in the right place, right away and then I will be able to find what I am looking for when I am looking for it!!
I want to start this year off with goals that can be accomplished, so I will:

* clean out my closets and drawers ( actually got started the other night!) yea!
* fix my clutter problem
* find my scrapbook room table -I know you are in there somewhere =)
* get organized with all the paper, embellishments and stuff ( did I mention the stuff? It's everywhere!)
* get going on Kenzie's scrapbooks ( only 7 years behind! seriously? oh my!)
* spend lots of time with my daughter creating memories and special times, because she needs to know how much she is truely loved and cherished every day.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"She is..."

She is my best friend...
She is easy to talk too...
She is always there rain or shine, early or late...
She is just a phone call away... a hundred times a day...
She is someone who always listens... cares what I think...
She is loving without judgement...
She is caring to all who know her... cares for them too...
She is happy and fun...
She is into boutiques...
She is amazing...
She is into the holidays... can't wait to decorate...
She is the center of our family...
She is strong beyond words...
She is a hard worker...
She is a gardener...
She is a wonderful wife...
She is a terrific g-ma!...
She is love...

She is... my mother... and I love you...